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Songs to Watch This Week: 20th March 2020

The Mind Is As Deep As You Make It BluePrint

A meandering riff leads this track. Accompanied by a sequenced bassline and the odd handclap - creates a hypnotic mood.

Genre: Progressive House

Gravity (feat. Jack Wilby)


A progressive track built around long drawn out trance synths, housey piano riffs. Soft kick takes a back seat leaving room for emotive male vocals showered in reverb.

Genre: Electronic

Easy On Me Rudimental, The Martinez Brothers

Based around a vocal hook, this funky track is a mish-mash of soft synth stabs, squelchy detuned notes, bouncy hi-hats, vocal chops and passing saw-wave synths.

Genre: Dance


Bouncy driving bassline, soft female lead vocals and arpeggiated bridges. A fun take on a famous classic.

Genre: Future House


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