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New Mix - DERILIKT Techno 7 - Listen Now!

Transporting listeners away from whatever their situation is at this time, DERILIKT Techno, the series of dark and melodic techno mixes curated by light gal now welcomes its 7th edition.

Since 2018, the DERILIKT Techno mix series has showcased artists from Enrico Sangiuliano, Joyhauser and Victor Ruiz to Kostas Maskalides, UMEK and OC & Verde.

This edition contains 10 stand-out tracks carefully selected and mixed by light gal. Thomas Schumacher and Victor Ruiz team up for a melodic masterpiece in ‘Intuit’, while ‘Acid Wall’ showcases A*S*Y*S at his uncompromising acid techno best. Get carried away with Jay Lumen’s hypnotic track ‘Razor’ and ANNA’s angular ‘Galactic Highways’ is sure to get you foot stomping.

A DERILIKT Techno favourite ‘Cosmic Boys’ are back with their latest offering on UMEK’s 1605 label, ‘Paranormal’ and UMEK himself makes a hard-hitting appearance on this mix with his version of ‘Dreams’ by Quench.

Two techno powerhouses Pleasurekraft & The YellowHeads team up to bring the cosmic ‘Prison Planet’ and record label OFF Recordings present the subtle ethereal sounds of Carl Haze and Mark Michael’s ‘Hologram’.

Also featured is ‘Pursuit’ by Alex Stein - the stand out track from his 2019 Rebirth EP. Finally, Some Me makes his first appearance in DERILIKT Techno with the track ‘On Fire’.

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