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light gal -

    About The DJ

light gal is a rising star of London’s techno scene. Drawing influence from such labels as Terminal M, Drumcode, 1605, Set About and Scander, as well listing DJs like Cosmic Boys, Kaspar (DE), ANNA and Mha Iri as some of her many inspirations, light gal creates unique and exploratory sets ranging from dark and melodic techno to energetic peak time techno. 


Based in North London, she is quickly emerging as a talent to watch, with appearances at across Ibiza and various venues in London including Ministry of Sound, Corsica Studios, Always the Sun Festival and Cafe 1001.


Born in Surrey, one of her first introductions to dance music was during primary school, listening to compilations of Ibiza summer hits. She attended Reigate College, whose alumni include Disclosure and Fatboy Slim, and went on to study a Masters degree at the University of Bristol in Maths and Computer Science. It was here that her passion for the music was truly cemented, becoming a frequent visitor to legendary Bristol venues like Lakota, Motion, and Dojo Nightclub. After her studies, she moved back to Surrey, concentrating on her craft while working at the Academy of Contemporary Music.

She was first drawn to dance music through early underground dubstep from the likes of artists such as Plastician and Rusko. When the genre began to die down it opened her eyes to different sounds and styles, particularly house and techno. “I’d describe my techno as dark, cold, industrial, yet melodic. The thing I love about the style of techno I play is everyone can move along with the music, even if they don’t know the songs - it’s that sort of vibe!”


Light Gal kick-started her DJ career by performing in Ibiza over the Summer of 2017. During her time on the island, she performed at Ibiza Rocks and Hush nightclub, and was so well-received that she was invited back the following year. Since then, she has been busy - performing across London and establishing her own event ‘Minority Influence,’ which hopes to disprove the opinions and biases of people who consider the house and techno scene to be exclusively white and male, and looks forward to organising its next instalment soon. Between gigs, Light gal is currently curating DERILIKT Techno - a series of dark and melodic mixes with a new mix every other month.

Light gal wearing black infront of a yellow grafitti wall
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